Subject: UNOTIL Daily Media Review 22-24 October 2005

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Compiled by the Public Information Office from national and international sources

Daily Media Review

Saturday ­Monday, 22-24 October 2005

National Media Reports

PM Alkatiri: Dismantle Truth and Friendship Commission

Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri stated last Saturday that it is better to dismantle the Truth and Friendship Commission if those who do not want the existence of the Commission, always try to stage provocations aimed at destroying the friendship between Timor-Leste and Indonesia. In response to the report by The Australian that reported that Dili threatened Jakarta to withdraw from the Commission following alleged border tensions, Alkatiri said that Dili did not do make such a threat but only suggested that if the provocations on the border continued, it was better to dismantle the Commission. (STL)

Horta: No threat to withdraw from CTF

It is reported that Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Jose Ramos Horta has denied recent news reports published in ‘The Australian’ that Dili has threatened Jakarta to withdraw from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission if Indonesia fails to rectify the border situation. “I have never made such threats”, said Horta. “If there is a problem I always speak to the Indonesian authorities, and I do not recognize that report”, he said. Speaking to journalists at the government palace on Friday, Horta affirmed that the relationship between the governments of Timor-Leste and Indonesia is very good, and that the two governments are very pleased with the CTF process. He added that the report in question came from SRSG Hasegawa and that as far as he knows the report is confidential and therefore not something that he has the liberty to comment on. (TP)

Council of Ministers approve penal code

The Council of Ministers reportedly approved the Penal Code last Thursday. Speaking to journalists on Friday, Secretary of State for the Council of Ministers Gregorio de Sousa was reported to have said that the Penal Code contains the concepts of rights, liberties and guarantees as enshrined in the Timor-Leste Constitution. He said that it reinforces the concept of rights of the accused, preventive detention, and maximum periods of imprisonment. (TP)

Bianco: It is a Crime To Legalise Prostitution

Speaking to the press last Thursday, Minister of the Presidency for the Council of Ministers, Antoninho Bianco was quoted as saying that the Government has no intention to legalize prostitution because it is considered a crime. According to Bianco, aside from the Church’s views on the prostitution as an immoral practice, the new Penal Code of Timor-Leste, [which will soon enter into force], considers such activity as a crime. From the health aspect, Bianco also said, prostitution also can have a negative impact on people’s health. Bianco informed the media that to tackle the matter, there is a need to have the involvement of all components of society since such activity has been carried out secretly so far. Bianco also stressed that the matter has been discussed at the Permanent Working Group comprising Government representatives and representatives from all religious institutions, in which he acted as President. (TP)

Abel Ximenes: “Not true that I will nominate myself as SG of Fretilin”

Minister of Development Abel Ximenes has reportedly denied the rumour that he will nominate himself as Fretilin Secretary General at the 2006 Fretilin National Congress. Speaking to journalists on Friday after meeting with Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, Ximenes said that he has no plans, nor the ambition to carry such an important role. He acknowledges that he is not a strong candidate, and that what he really hopes for is that his party Fretilin will be able to become a strong and united party in Timor-Leste. (TP)

Thai ship illegally enters TL waters

It is reported that Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Estanislau da Silva met with Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri on Friday to discuss the issue of the Thai fishing boat that illegally entered Timor-Leste’s port some weeks ago. According to Minister da Silva, the boat was carrying incomplete documents, but that the government has spoken to the relevant parties to remind them that they must arrive with complete documents when they enter Timor-Leste waters. (TP)

TVTL News Monitoring

1.Good Governance and Transparency: Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri stated that government officials in the conduct of their duties could not avoid the integrity of public service that relates to the concept of good governance and transparency to eliminate the image of corruption, collusion and nepotism, TVTL reported on Friday. The Prime Minister was reportedly making this statement during the opening ceremony of a one-day seminar on Friday at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry in Dili.

2.Women’s role: TVTL also reported that the role played by women in the process of Timor-Leste’s development is crucial. This, according to TVTL was one of the several topics that were discussed on the last day of the Electoral system seminar at the National Parliament.

3.Ministers Approved Decrees: It is reported that the Council of Ministers approved a number of decree laws, including the decree law on air transport operations and the penal code.

4.Border Community Concerns: The Timorese community members living along the border line in the Oeccusse enclave were reported to be concerned by the recent incidents in the village of Abani, Passabe Sub-District of Oeccusse. Local citizens reportedly told TVTL that some TNI members were behind the incident.

5.National Hospital stores drugs: In anticipation of the approaching wet season, the National Hospital Director Guido Valadares is reported to be stockpiling drugs for a number of diseases like malaria and dengue. The hospital was further reported to have also stockpiled drugs for avian flu as well as training its staff for this particular virus threat.

6.PNTL Bobonaro: The police unit in the district of Bobonaro has in the last few months, from May to October, reportedly lacked transport in carrying out their assignments. During this period, the TV station reported that the police had to borrow transports from other institutions such as the fire service.

Regional Media Reports

DWU to confer E Timor leader with honorary doctorate degree

Papua New Guinea- PRESIDENT of East Timor Xanana Gusmao will be a guest at the Divine Word University where he will be presented with an honorary doctorate degree in Law next week. Foreign Affairs Minister Sir Rabbie Namaliu revealed this yesterday, saying that Mr Gusmao will attend the Pacific Islands Forum as an observer along with two new dialogue partners, Israel and Italy. He also said New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk would arrive tomorrow for a two-day official visit before the forum starts on Monday. Sir Rabbie said the other guests include Secretary General of the Commonwealth Don McKinnon, Secretary General of ACP Sir John Kaputin and leaders of the PIF member countries.

Meanwhile, Sir Rabbie said arrangements were almost in place but that will be subject to final confirmation by Cabinet this afternoon. On the issues to be discussed, Sir Rabbie said the Pacific Plan would be one of the major issues to be discussed and approved, among the common issues of terrorism, security and HIV Aids. The visitors start arriving tomorrow and the meeting begins with the official opening at the Sir John Guise Stadium on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, the leaders travel to Madang for a day’s retreat where the major issues are expected to de discussed and return to continue on Thursday morning. The Madang meeting will end on Friday. (The National)

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