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Daily Media Review

Wednesday, 26 October 2005

National Media Reports

Witoelar: TL must not lose hope in the UN

It is reported that Special United Nations Millennium Development Goals Ambassador for the Asia Pacific Region Erna Witoelar told the audience gathered at the Lecidere Peace Park for the UN day celebrations that Timor-Leste should not lose hope in the United Nations despite its bureaucratic structure, as it has brought friendship to the entire world, including Timor-Leste. She added that the UN's current objective in Timor-Leste is to assist this nation in its future development. The Ambassador that travels the Asia-Pacific region promoting the Millennium Development Goals in her speech guaranteed that the UN would not forget Timor-Leste. She explained that the MDG's are commitments from country governments not to the United Nations but to the people of those nations themselves. She expressed her optimism that Timor-Leste will be able to achieve their part in implementing the MDG's. The anniversary celebrations were attended by UNOTIL SRSG Hasegawa, President Xanana Gusmao, and a number of government ministers. (TP)

President Gusmão Requested Indonesian Ambassador For Meeting on Border Incidents

Timor Post reported that President Xanana Gusmão requested Indonesian Ambassador Ahmed Bey Sofwan on Monday for a meeting in order to find solutions for the recent border incidents. Speaking to the media after the meeting, Ambassador Sofwan stated that aside from discussing the solutions for the matter with President Gusmão, he also confirmed the President's upcoming visit to Indonesia on 4 November. When responding to the recent border incidents caused by the fact that there is a lack of seriousness from the Indonesian Government to tackle the matter and the lack of awareness for Indonesian people, especially on the agreement of border demarcations, Ambassador Sofwan said that it is because the Indonesian residents who are in border areas are former Timorese citizens. Moreover, he said, if there is no seriousness from the part of Indonesian Government in solving the matter, he would have probably left Timor-Leste. Ambassador Sofwan further suggested that it would be better for the media to find out more information about the incidents with PNTL's Border Patrol Unit rather than through him. (TP)

West Timorese Residents Blocked River Flowing to Passabe

It is reported that during the Parliament plenary session yesterday, MP Antonio Lelan, quoting the information he recently received from the Secretary of State for Oecusse Region Albano Salem, stated that following the Passabe incidents on 15 October, West Timorese residents living near the border, have been attempting to block the river in order not to flow to Passabe, STL reported. If the attempt is successful, Lelan reportedly said, a number of farm lands in the Passabe area cannot be cultivated any longer, adding that it is the only river used by the local residents for irrigation. Moreover, he is reported to have said that based on the information he obtained from Oecusse, the recent attacks were not only carried out by the civilian population but also by a number of TNI members, aimed at disrupting the security situation in the border. MP Lelan urged the Government to request Jakarta for clarification on the involvement of TNI members or the former militia members in the recent attacks. "In order not to destroy the relations between the countries, it is necessary for Timor-Leste to urge Jakarta to arrest those who were involved in the attacks, and bring them to justice," he added. (STL)

Lu Olo asks Cardoso and Faria to resign

It is reported that President of the National Parliament Francisco Guterres 'Lu-Olo' has asked Antonio Cardoso and Vicente Faria to resign from their posts in the parliamentary commissions if they continue to suffer from their illnesses. He said that they would remain in their positions as members of parliament, but that they should resign from their commission posts so that someone else may take over. Head of the Fretilin bench in the Parliament Francisco Branco said that the two MP's concerned need to clarify their position, as if they are no longer ill, they can continue in their current positions as both President of the Commissions and Members of Parliament. (TP)

PSD contests prostitution

Member of the National Parliament from the PSD bench Joao Gonçalves is reported to have raised the issue of prostitution in Parliament's plenary session on Tuesday. Speaking to STL, Gonçalves congratulated the media for their coverage of the issue, as he said that this is a very important moral issue, one which the government has not yet developed an effective strategy for. (STL)

20% drop in Economic Growth

It is reported that the impact of the increase in oil prices is affecting Timor-Leste, influencing the national economic situation, with a 20% drop in economic growth. There has been a decrease in market transactions, and this is having an effect on imports and exports. Speaking from his office on Tuesday, President of Timor-Leste's Chamber of Commerce Ricardo Nheu told journalists that there has been a decrease in current imports, as there has been a reduction in consumer purchasing power. He explained that this also has an impact on the workforce, with an increase in the unemployment rate as the economy slows down. Nheu asserted that in his opinion the relevant parties need to concentrate on some strategies to deal with this situation, so that it does not become even worse. He said that this may involve measures such as considering ways of limiting the amount of money that leaves the country and increasing the salaries of civil servants as a means of increasing their purchasing power. He emphasized the importance of the investment law and the possibility of setting up industry in Timor-Leste. (TP)

River Destroys 300 Hectares of Rice Paddies

It is reported that a total of 300 hectares of rice paddies in three sub-villages of Manatuto District have been destroyed by the river. MP Lucio Marçal (PD) raised this problem during Tuesday's plenary session in the National Parliament. Marçal said the population has requested the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Infrastructure to go and see it themselves as the people in that area are living in a crisis situation. He said the children in those sub-villages cannot attend school during the wet season as it is impossible to cross the river to attend school and due to this problem many have failed in their final year exams. He also informed that the three health clinics in those areas are not functioning. According to the Timor Post, the problem has been dragging on since 2003. (TP)

MP Will Present Facts to the PNTL Commander (TP)

It is reported that the behaviour of a PNTL officer with the initials LA and his brother with initial A that took a pistol or a gun to fire as a threat to the population of Hadomi Bidau Mota klaran villge last Saturday night have left them traumatized. MP Cipriana Pereira (Fretilin) reportedly raised the issue during Tuesday's Parliamentary plenary. Pereira compared the behaviour of the police on Saturday as that of the tragedy of 12 November 1991 in which many youths died. She said she will present proof to PNTL Commander Paulo Martins to take proper measures against those PNTL officers. According to Cipriana Pereira, the problem started on 21 October between two youths, who threatened each other with sharp weapons. She alleged that the brother of the police officer with the initials LA also become involved in the problem and rather than help solve the problem the police officer called all his police friends and went to allegedly attack the community of village Hadome Bidau Mota Klaran. 5 youths who are currently in detention in Dili police station were arrested during that incident .

The MP alleged that the police officer LA gave his police uniform and pistol to his brother who started shooting in different directions leaving the community of that area traumatized. Both, LA and his brother have also accused that community of being a base for martial arts groups, militias and unsavoury people from the eastern part of the country. She reportedly said that members of that community have the cartridge used by the police officer LA which she would like to show to PNTL commander Paulo Martins. Cipriana Pereira asked the President of the Parliament to take measures to change the attitude of some members of the police before further damage is done to the police institution. (TP)

TVTL News Monitoring

1. Ongoing Bidau, Mota Claran case: TVTL reported that Minister of Interior, Rogerio Lobato has stated that he is concerned about Bidau Mota Claran case which involving a member of PNTL. Lobato recognizes that there are possibilities that some members of PNTL may use police equipment for their own interests. Minister Lobato also added that Bidau Mota Claran case is now under investigation and that if there is any evidence indicating that Police officers gave police uniforms to their family to threaten the population this would be processed through the PNTL National Council.

2. Reports on Bidau Mota Claran case: TVTL reported that the General Commander of PNTL, Paulo Martins has denied the information, which accuses PNTL officers of being involved in the Bidau Mota Claran case to attack the people in that area. According to Mr.Martins, the objective of the Police in Bidau Mota Claran was to calm down the people in that area, but local youth reacted to the presence of the Police and injured two PNTL UIR officers. Mr Martins continued that there must be proof if a PNTL officer gaves a uniform to his family to threaten the population.

3. Militia Arrest: TVTL reported that on 16 October PNTL in Village Kowa, Balibo Subdistrict arrested a former Aitarak [Dili] militia member, Jose de Jesus. The PNTL commander from the PNTL Investigation Unit reportedly said that PNTL has undertaken an investigation into allegations of his involvement in 1999 crimes as a member of militia Aitarak. It is reported that though Jose de Jesus declared that he was a former Aitarak militia member he said it was political reasons and not to commit crimes against other people.

4. Border Case in Oecusse: TVTL reported, in response to the border case in Oe-Cusse and Mota-Ain that Indonesian citizens had illegally passed the border, President of National Parliament, Francisco Guterres, Lu-Olo stated that he guaranteed that both governments will discuss the problem and find the best solution. Father Martinho Gusmão reportedly stated that the border case is caused by the mentality of the people who live in the border are and Indonesia still not considering Timor Leste to be an Independent country.

5. Commemoration for the 60th UN Day: TVTL reported that to mark UN day, SRSG Hasegawa yesterday launched an exposition of the UN presence in Timor Leste at the National University. The UN Special Ambassador for MDG's in Asia and the Pacific, Ms. Erna Witoelar, the Minister of Education and Culture, Armindo Maia, Minister of State Administration, Ms Ana Pessoa and others partcipated in the day's events.

6. MDGs: TVTL reported that UN Special Ambassador for MDGs in Asia and the Pacific, Ms. Erna Witoelar in response to local media questions stated that one of the objectives of the Millennium goals was to increase the capacity of the women. Regarding the women of Timor Leste, Witoelar stated that in after the next election on 2007, the women of Timor Leste should be more involved in Parliamentary affairs.

Regional Media Reports

East Timor: UN reviews progress on Millenium goals

Three years ago, East Timor became the 191st member of the U N after a bloody 30 year struggle for independence from Indonesia. Dili then joined other world leaders in signing onto the Millenium Development Goals a single package promising peace, security, development and human rights by 2015. Today the UN ambassador in Asia Pacific, Erna Witoelar is in Dili to assess the progress made by East Timor. (ABC, AsiaPacific)

Lusophone military manoeuvres for Cape Verde Monday

Cape Verde - The Community of Portuguese-speaking countries will begin its annual military manoeuvres Monday in Cape Verde, official military disclosed here Saturday. The exercises, scheduled in Santiago Island, will involve about sixty officers from Angola, Brazil, Cape Verdian, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe and Portuguese Timor (sic). The objective of the manoeuvres is to strengthen the intervention capacity of a joint-force formed from the eight countries during a peacekeeping or humanitarian operation. Last year, the manoeuvres took place in Angola, while Brazil will host the 2006 edition. (Lusa)

National News Sources

Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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