Subject: Lusa: Ex-guerilla detained for alleged involvement in armed activities

[Translation by Alex Tilman]

31-10-2005 9:46:00


Timor-Leste: Ex-guerilla detained for alleged involvement in armed activities

A former commander of the Timorese guerilla was detained on Tuesday in the mountains where he has been hiding for four years. According to the Minister of Internal Affairs, he is accused of alleged involvement in activities to destabilise the country.

Rogerio Lobato presented the former commander as Zezinho dos Santos "Louro Dias". He was detained in the mountain of Quituco, a part of mountains which surrounds Dili.

"This brother or ours, a great freedom fighter who fought generously in the forest, was detained, without resistance, in a police operation. He is cooperating with current investigations," the minister added.

Together with "Louro Dias," the Timorese police also confiscated a Portuguese made FBP gun, various bullets of different calibers, two grenades and some uniforms. These were found buried.

Rogerio Lobato presented "Louro Dias" in a press conference and was accompanied by the general commander and the vice commander of the Timor-Leste National Police, Paulo Maritins and Ismael Babo, respectively.

The Minister of Internal Affairs also appealed to the other ex-commanders who are still found hiding in the mountains to "accept the authority of the State."

Rogerio Lobato also said that following the detention of "Louro Dias," four other individuals also surrendered to the police in Suai.

According to Rogerio Lobato, "Louro Dias" and other former fighters may have been involved in criminal actions in various parts in the interior, especially in the western part, near the border.

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