February 2008

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Urge UN Secretary-General to Act
 for Justice for East Timor

ETAN statement on attacks on the President and Prime Minister of Timor-Leste
Boston Globe- ETAN Letter

ETAN/WPAT: Letter to U.S. Ambassador Hume on His Condolences on Death of Suharto

Accountability for Suharto’s Crimes Must Not Die With Him Also Bahasa Indonesia; Tetum; ETAN: Backgrounder on Life and Career Suharto Also Bahasa Indonesian: Tentang Soeharto
ETANer Letters on Suharto to Christian Sci Monitor

LH: UN sets justice bar low, then declines to jump, UNMIT fails to carry out its mandate to investigate 1999 crimes; also La'o Hamutuk letter to UN Security Council and TAPOL/Progressio letter to Foreign Office

La’o Hamutuk: Sunrise LNG in Timor-Leste: Dreams, Realities and Challenges

The West Papua Report - February 2007; Back Issues

ETAN: Bush Administration Trains Members of Indonesian Terrorist Groups; Abandons Human Rights for Indonesia to Train Kopassus, Brimob

ETAN: Guide to U.S. Security Assistance to Indonesia and East Timor

As Security Council Readies Visit to Timor-Leste, Rights Groups Call For Justice and Accountability

Australian Inquest into Balibo Journalists Killings in East Timor Shows Ongoing Need to Pursue Justice and Accountability

ETAN: An Overview Justice Processes and Commissions for Timor-Leste (Feb.2007, revised November 2007)

Action ALERT from ETAN & West Papua Advocacy Team: Urge Indonesia to Remove Indicted Officer from West Papua  send a fax via ETAN

February 17 - 29

FPIF: Indonesia’s Arms Appetite by Frida Berrigan
U.S. must own up to its past in Indonesia
Pentagon Seeks Stronger Defence Ties with Indonesia

'People are still scared of expressing themselves' - Bella Galhos

Late Night Live - “East Timor Post Trauma”

Drugs, vice mobsters get foothold in East Timor
Australian Workers Union Raises Concerns Of Unskilled E. Timorese Workers

UK govt to meet Balibo Five relatives
Warrants urged over Balibo Five killings

NZ Govt announces extension of helicopter deployment in Timor
O'Loan to be Irish envoy to Timor Leste

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Attacks on President and Prime Minister

Reinado death prompts East Timor rebel rethink
'Joint Police-Military Action On Rebels a Mistake'
Timorese Rebels Surrendering
Concerns over emergency powers
Timor journo 'beaten' by police
East Timor finds weapons cache in hunt for rebels

In East Timor, a sense of injustice drives chaos
Timor must overcome poverty, divisive politics
On Timor Leste's present situation
East Timor extends Emergency rule
East Timor merges police, army

UN guards `scared to help shot president'; Gusmao driver tells of headlong flight from ambush
"Sore and sleepy' East Timor president coming round after assassination attempt
Aust warned to stay out of E Timor politics, PM indicates 2nd E Timor visit
Army censors news as tensions rise
President shooting used to discredit opponents, claims rival

The international community can save East Timor, but it must act soon
Lessons from East Timor - Jorge Sampaio
Reinado to Gusmao- You Created Me

FBI team to help East Timor with attack probe
ETimor Military Pulls Out of Rebel Hunt- Commander

Bush condemns Timor president shooting
Attacks on East Timor's leaders are latest upheaval in young democracy

Rudd vows to stand by East Timor
Australia PM visits East Timor for crisis talks
Australian Police to serve independently in Dili

Rebels probably hiding in Dili houses- army chief
Ramos Horta's long history with East Timor

Boston Globe- ETAN Letter
Mystery surrounds Reinado, Ramos-Horta relationship

East Timor's struggle to build a nation
East Timor Launches Operation Against Rebels [+Could Face 25 Years in Jail]

People walk past a graffiti supporting fugitive military leader Alfredo Reinado in Dili.  
People walk past a graffiti supporting fugitive military leader Alfredo Reinado in Dili. (AFP/Bay Ismoyo)  

A Strike Against Democracy Could Help Build a Stronger Timor [+SMH Obituary- Alfredo Reinado]
Police set up investigation team to discover "mastermind"
Plan was to kidnap, not assassinate
E Timorese rebels deny murder bid
E. Timor Reports- Army Chief Blames Attack On Australians' Failings; Rebel's Death A Chance for Unity
Church Calls For Calm After Assassination Bids On President & Prime Minister
4 East Timor Reports- Road Ahead Is Clouded By Uncertainty; Future of Australian Role Questioned [from IHT, Australian, Age]
Two RI warships patrolling waters near maritime border with Timor Leste
Reinado may be the Che Guevara of East Timor

Declaration on State of Siege
4 Reports- RI Expresses Concern Over Shooting of Horta; Border Security; Exiles Speak Out

AI: East Timor: End culture of impunity
APSOC: Statement on the attacks against the two highest officials of Timor Leste
CARE Australia reports calm following violent events in Dili
Trocaire: President shot in shocking turn of events in Timor-Leste
Friends of Baucau: Joint Mayoral Statement
ETCRN Statement on 2006 Crisis and Tragedy February 11, 2008
NRC: East Timor: New chance to solve land and property rights

see also UNMIT website

February 15 - 23

Timor's mass graves from Santa Cruz massacre to be excavated
Soeharto buried while Munir is vindicated

Call for Sunrise to be delayed
Woodside's foot on gas in Timor

Petition on the Japanese Military's Sexual Slavery System in Timor-Leste (final)

Refugee crisis and internal tensions dog East Timor
Aussies outstay their East Timor welcome

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18 February

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February 11 - 18

Timor's mass graves from Santa Cruz massacre to be excavated
East Timor Trying To Close Refugee Camps
Japan Mulls Sending Coast Guard To East Timor- Minister

RI May Buy U.S. Jet Fighters
3-day action in Jakarta counters public sympathy for Suharto
Rep. Price heads to East Timor and Indonesia

Panels on E. Timorese 'Comfort Women' to Be Displayed in Dili

UNMIT Daily Media Review

15 February
14 February
12 February
11 February

Other Links (open in new windows)

UN: Report of the SG on the UNMIT for the period from 21 August 2007 to 7 January 2008 (S/2008/26)
Security Council Report: Feb 2008 Timor-Leste

An Ideal State for East Timor: Reconciling the Conflicting Paradigms by Josh Trindade

Refugee Studies Centre Working Paper: Displacement in the 2006 Dili Crisis: Dynamics of an Ongoing Conflict

Joint Command for PNTL and F-FDTL Undermines Rule of Law and Security Sector Reform in Timor-Leste

UN: Committee on the Rights of the Child
Concluding observations (2008)
Concluding observations - OPSC (2008)
Concluding observations - OPAC (2008)

Conference presentations from Charles Darwin University Conference: The struggle to rebuild East Timor
ANU: Asia Pacific Week 2008 Abstracts

TAPOL: Backgrounder on the Commission of Truth and Friendship

ICTJ: Too Much Friendship, Too little Truth - Monitoring Report on the Commission of Truth and Friendship in Indonesia and Timor-Leste

HRW: World Report 2008 Timor-Leste, Indonesia

EU: Final Report on 2007 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections

AI: Indonesia Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review First session of the UPR Working Group, 7-8 April 2008

Concern: Remembering the Santa Cruz massacre

UNMIT: Successful Weapons' Recovery Operation Concludes in Dili

U.S. Government Millennium Challenge Corporation Timor-Leste FY08

UNMIT: Report on human rights developments in Timor-Leste
UN: Security Council Mission to Timor-Leste This Month

CNN on Peacekeeping and E Timor

Suai Media Space
Concern Worldwide: Timor-Leste Blog


Late Night Live in Timor-Leste
In early October, Phillip Adams went to Timor-Leste to gather material for a special series of radio programs to be broadcast on Late Night Live starting on Monday 22 October 2007. Find out more...

February 4 - 10

UN to stay because of further instability
East Timor’s past threatens its present

Security environment relatively stable
Threatening Shots Fired by Major Alfredo Reinado's Group
East Timor taking steps to 'contain' Reinado
Timor Rebels Fire Shots Near UN Patrol- Official

Japan mulling possibility of dispatching coast guard to East Timor
E. Timor Police Reform Progressing After Japan's 1-yr Mission

Timor studying new investment for oil revenue
ICT Timor Leste demonstrates alternative technology for ordinary people

UN gives Timorese police control
Fretilin MP raises corruption allegation; Vice PM denies wrongdoing
Aussies outstay their East Timor welcome
A nation faces chronic, widespread food insecurity

Yudhoyono Promises To Settle Military-Owned Business

UNMIT's Daily Media Review

8 February
7 February
6 February
5 February
4 February 

I’ve long admired ETAN’s work. For well over a decade, ETAN has conducted some of the most effective grassroots campaigns I know. With limited resources, they helped free a nation and fundamentally changed policy toward one of the U.S.’s closest and most repressive allies, Indonesia.

Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now!”

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January 28 - February 3

China gives $1.5b in aid to East Timor
Memory of trauma of ex-political prisoners on on display

E Timor Oil-Gas Reports- Oilex To Start 3D Seismic Survey; TSDA Mandate Extended; Wavefield; ConocoPhillips

Parish Holds Soccer Competition To Promote Peace Among Youth
100,000 IDPs still displaced nearly two years on

Better for PNTL and UNPOL to Arrest Alfredo, ISF Commander
Belo on Suharto
Brazil, East Timor sign deals on education, football

Suharto Letters to Christian Sci Monitor
Suharto’s legacy lives on through the military
Suharto Beyond the Grave- Indonesia and the World Appraise the Legacy
Suharto patronising to Australia- Downer
Reuters MEDIAWATCH- Forgiving Suharto?
U.S. must atone for aiding Suharto
US Gov't Offers Condolences on Suharto Death
Jeffrey A. Winters- Indonesia's Suharto
Communication of the President of the Republic of Timor-Leste on the death of Suharto
Al Jazeera- Lasting legacy of the Suharto era
Suharto’s deadly legacy ­ and ours
Suharto Reports- Buried In State Funeral As Thousands Mourn; Mass Killings and Other Rights Abuses
John Pilger- Our Model Dictator

Locusts threaten East Timor food security

Deep Flaws In East Timor-RI Truth Process- ICTJ Reports
East Timor to review corporate tax reductions
East Timor leader wants peacekeepers to shift focus

UNMIT Daily Media Review

31 January
30 January
1 February

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