March 2010


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Kopassus Controversy

March 22 - 27

Timor security 'close' to taking over 
Sowing hope in hungry East Timor 
RI, Timor Leste establish border health cooperation 
Defence pulls plug on Timor Research 
Almost 400 East Timorese Refugees In Indonesian To Seek Asylum In Portugal 
The Tasi Tolu Exhumations

Timor Newsline

26 March
25 March
24 March
23 March
22 March


Noam Chomsky

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ETAN: Letter to Timor-Leste President José Ramos-Horta on Justice and Accountability, Tetum translation

ETAN: Open Letter to President Barack Obama on His 2010 Visit to Indonesia

West Papua Advocacy Team: Statement on International Crisis Group report - and its coverage

ETAN: U.S. Training of Kopassus: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Not Come

ETAN To Obama Administration: U.S. military assistance will harm reform and set back human rights

HAK Association: Human Rights Situation in Covalima and Bobonaro (February 18)

Timorese Groups write UN Security Council on Justice with international support (February 2)

WPAT/ETAN: Naming of Senior Kopassus Officer as Indonesia Military Commander Undermines West Papua (January 23)

Indonesian General Sjafrie Sjamsuddin Not Fit for Civilian Defense Post (January 9)

ETAN/WPAT: Statement on Killing of Papuan Leader Kelly Kwalik (December 19)

Dili Insider blog shuts down due to threats (December 19)

Malaysia's Mahathir and Timor (December 10)

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ETAN Press Releases and Statements

March 13 - 22

Timor demands Malaysia return its teens
Indonesia apologising in own way, JRH

Timor Village Chief Accuses Diggers of Asking About Political Views
E.Timor still waiting for Indonesia apology- president

U.S.’s Kopassus Ban May Lead Indonesian Military to Look Elsewhere
Timor Police Ninja Operation

Fernanda Borges- 'We had to pay with blood and bones for freedom'
E. Timor Seeks Japan's Help In Training Troops, Blocking Illegal Entry
East Timor government excludes foreigners from land owning rights

SBY's Timor History
Canberra is at ease with SBY, but the military seems unreformed - Hamish McDonald

Timor Newsline

19 March
18 March
17 March
16 March
15 March

U.S. Deciding Whether to Renew Kopassus Training


Kopassus troops.

ETAN: U.S. Training of Kopassus: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Not Come

ETAN To Obama Administration: U.S. military assistance will harm reform and set back human rights

Activists Urge Military To Investigate Aceh Killings
Report May Hit Bid To Lift US Military Ban
TNI seeking to sue American journalist


Allan Nairn: Washington's Indonesian Bully Boys
Amy Goodman: Obama's Bad Prescription for Indonesia
Democracy Now! Allan Nairn Facing Possible Arrest in Indonesia for Exposing U.S.-Backed Forces Assassinated Civilians  
Democracy Now! Allan Nairn on Kopassus Training
Allan Nairn blog: News and Comment

Human Rights Watch: U.S. Should Justify Training Counterterrorism Unit
HRW Letter: Indonesia's Special Forces Unit Still Doesn't Respect Human Rights

Four Jakarta NGOs Reject the Plan to Train Kopassus

U.S. Plans To Resume Training Of Indonesia's Kopassus Forces
U.S. Plan To Train Indonesia's Special Forces Sets Off Alarm
NGO Urges U.S. Govt Not To Lift Kopassus Embargo

U.S. Seeks to Resume Indonesian Training (Kopassus)
WP Kopassus update- U.S. Floats Plan to Lift Ban
RI welcomes U.S. plan to boost military cooperation

Al Jazeera: Rights groups oppose Indonesian force's U.S. training plans (video)

March 6 - 13 

East Timor threatens to scuttle gas development
East Timor: Oil wealth and national survival

My attempt to engage President on Balibo - Shirley Shackleton
Texts of Shirley Shackleton's letters to SBY, Kevin Rudd
SBY shows sympathy for Balibo Five
SBY flies into controversy as Balibo Five widow calls for justice
Grave likely holds East Timorese freedom fighters
Ramos Horta Criticized Australia For Delays At Skeleton Test
President of Timor-Leste Addresses the Human Rights Council
E.Timor President Insists Does Not Want Warcrimes Tribunal

CPD-RDTL accuses PNTL of human rights violations

So Much Money Wasted By Donors, Says Ramos Horta
Ireland urged to maintain East Timor support

Women's day celebrations underway in East Timor

Timorese Refugees Involved In Indonesian Clash Over Mine
Houses Torched Down in East Nusa Tenggara Clashes

Komnas HAM Dismisses U.S. Praise for Human Rights Progress

Timor Newsline

12 March
11 March
10 March
9 March
8 March
5 March

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LH: TL should reject Copenhagen Accord

UN Virtual Library Timor-Leste

La'o Hamutuk blog

Peace of Wall: Street Art from East Timor

LH: Cornerstone laid for Hera heavy oil power plant

USGov: U.S. military engagement in TL - 2009 review (PDF)

Sacred Cloth and Development in Timor-Leste (PDF)

HRW: Unkept Promise: Failure to End Military Business Activity in Indonesia

Timor-Leste's Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Report

Small Arms Survey: Sexual and gender-based violence in Timor-Leste Issue Brief No. 5

March 1 - 6

Angelita Pires found not guilty, 24 others convicted in Ramos-Horta, Xanana attacks
Statement by Ms Angelita Pires following her acquittal
Attack on Timorese President Unsolved

Remains of nine found in Timor graves
Indonesian Ambassador To Australia Says Ties At Highest Level
Journalists’ Group Files Lawsuit Against Censor Over ‘Balibo’ Ban

Victoria helps set up Timor business lobby
Timor-Leste Churches Need Resources, Not Missionaries- Moderator
East Timor government approves construction of dock for frigates built in China

President told to reopen Munir case
Bilateral Pressure Needed On Indonesia Rights Cases- Activists
Obama should help a people blighted by a U.S. corporation

Timor Newsline

4 March
3 March
2 March
1 March


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