April 2010


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ETAN/WPAT: Comments on the U.S. Department of State Country reports on Human Rights Practices for 2009

ETAN: Letter to Timor-Leste President José Ramos-Horta on Justice and Accountability, Tetum translation

ETAN: Open Letter to President Barack Obama on His 2010 Visit to Indonesia

West Papua Advocacy Team: Statement on International Crisis Group report - and its coverage

ETAN: U.S. Training of Kopassus: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Not Come

ETAN To Obama Administration: U.S. military assistance will harm reform and set back human rights

HAK Association: Human Rights Situation in Covalima and Bobonaro

Timorese Groups write UN Security Council on Justice with international support

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ETAN Press Releases and Statements

April 15 - May 2

Asia-Pacific Workers Demand for Higher Wages, Employment on Labor Day
Horta awaits information from government before deciding on Sunrise

Timor hurdle next for Sunrise gasfields
East Timor may derail Woodside project
Woodside Petroleum says floating gas plant is preferred option for developing Timor Sea field
What's the Problem with Aid?
Viet Nam, Timor-Leste leaders agree to increase reciprocal visits
TNI to Define Which Data It Can Keep Secret
Portraying a threat for a reluctant government

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U.S. Deciding Whether to Renew Kopassus Training


Kopassus troops.

ETAN: U.S. Training of Kopassus: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Not Come

ETAN To Obama Administration: U.S. military assistance will harm reform and set back human rights

Amnesty International USA: Statement opposing Kopassus training (PDF)

Allan Nairn: Arrest Me And Prove Me Wrong

Ed McWilliams: U.S. must back human rights, not the army, in Indonesia

Kopassus Chief Asks Public to Forget Its Dark Past at Anniversary Celebration

Ed McWilliams's Response to Catharine Dalpino's The "Kopassus Kerfuffle"
Kopassus and The Legend of ‘Mpu Gandring’

 A journalist's gamble with Indonesia's special forces
Allan Nairn, Standing Up to Repressive Forces Again in Indonesia

Activists Urge Military To Investigate Aceh Killings
Report May Hit Bid To Lift US Military Ban
TNI seeking to sue American journalist

Allan Nairn: Washington's Indonesian Bully Boys
Amy Goodman: Obama's Bad Prescription for Indonesia
Democracy Now! Allan Nairn Facing Possible Arrest in Indonesia for Exposing U.S.-Backed Forces Assassinated Civilians  
Democracy Now! Allan Nairn on Kopassus Training
Allan Nairn blog: News and Comment

Human Rights Watch: U.S. Should Justify Training Counterterrorism Unit
HRW Letter: Indonesia's Special Forces Unit Still Doesn't Respect Human Rights

Four Jakarta NGOs Reject the Plan to Train Kopassus

U.S. Plans To Resume Training Of Indonesia's Kopassus Forces
U.S. Plan To Train Indonesia's Special Forces Sets Off Alarm
NGO Urges U.S. Govt Not To Lift Kopassus Embargo

U.S. Seeks to Resume Indonesian Training (Kopassus)
WP Kopassus update- U.S. Floats Plan to Lift Ban
RI welcomes U.S. plan to boost military cooperation

Al Jazeera: Rights groups oppose Indonesian force's U.S. training plans (video)

April 19 - 24

Victor Valley College Concludes Second Study Visit to T-L, Discovery of Possibly 15 New Species
Last Post for Timor World War II hero

Greater Sunrise partners prepare development plan
Eni Starts Development of Kitan Oil Field Offshore Australia and Timor-Leste
Why East Timor Has Declared War on Ninjas

Plea for Timor health
E Timor, Cambodia similar- Ramos-Horta

Atambua Bishop Rejects Military Battalion

Judges Bowed to Fear in Blasphemy Ruling
Indonesia Under Fire For Upholding Scripture Over Rights
Blasphemy and the TNI

Papuan Political Prisoner Denied Proper Health Treatment
NGO coalition to meet taskforce, questions seriousness in probing illegal logging mafia

Timor Newsline

23 April
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21 April
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April 9  - 17

Mean streets - Gang violence is threatening to ruin the chance for peace and prosperity in ET

East Timor Will Reject Darwin, Floating LNG For Sunrise

The role of the media in Timor-Leste

Fishing For Tourist Dollars

Munir Update- Judicial Review Could Lead to Retrial of Intelligence Deputy
TNI Has Blood on Hands But Brought Stability- New Book by Australian National University
More Join Legal Fight to Keep Book-Banning Out of Indonesia

Timor Newsline

15 April
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LH: TL should reject Copenhagen Accord

UN Virtual Library Timor-Leste

La'o Hamutuk blog

Peace of Wall: Street Art from East Timor

LH: Cornerstone laid for Hera heavy oil power plant

USGov: U.S. military engagement in TL - 2009 review (PDF)

Sacred Cloth and Development in Timor-Leste (PDF)

HRW: Unkept Promise: Failure to End Military Business Activity in Indonesia

Timor-Leste's Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Report

Small Arms Survey: Sexual and gender-based violence in Timor-Leste Issue Brief No. 5

April 4 - 11

Fragile Nations Speak Up To Donors
East Timor, Fragile States Compare Notes on Aid
Gusmao lashes Australia for duplicity
Gusmao unveils plans to invest E.Timor oil wealth 

Timor govt appeals Pires court decision
Angelita Pires to write book, run for office
Timor police declare war on mysterious ‘ninjas’

RI does not agree with Timor Leste on border region

Rights abuses Victims challenge Sjafrie’s appointment in court
Fostering Impunity - Indonesia promotes human rights criminal as deputy defense minister

Ed McWilliams: U.S. must back human rights, not the army, in Indonesia
Papua 'Ready to Explode'

9 April 2010
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7 April 2010
6 April 2010
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Timor-Leste News - April 6

March 29 - April 3

Sects, lies and videotape
Questions Persist about Troops in East Timor
Questions raised about capacity of East Timor's police force
Coping with seasonal food shortages
Cuban connection helps healthcare woes

Top UN economist forecasts boom for East Timor
Government Launches official web portal under new Media National Policy

Indonesia Defence Minister to visit Timor Leste border area
TNI to Boost Forces in Papua, Kalimantan Border Zones This Year

Timor Newsline

1 April
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