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Indonesia and West Papua Struggles

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ETAN is "A voice of reason, criticizing the administration's reluctance to address ongoing human rights violations and escalating oppression in West Papua and against religious minorities throughout Indonesia."

Noam Chomsky

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Journalist Allan Nairn on justice, Indonesia, Guatemala, Timor, West PapuaStopping the Killers From Killing: An Interview With Allan Nairn on Justice, Indonesia, West Papua, Timor-Leste, and Guatemala (January 8)


ETAN Supports Senate Resolution on 1965 Mass Violence in Indonesia (December 11)

ETAN Opposes Appointment of Retired General Ryamizard Ryacudu as Defense Minister (October 26)

ETAN Backgrounder Breaking the Silence: The U.S. and Indonesia's Mass Violence (September)

Sign ETAN's Petition: Release the Records, Acknowledge the Crimes of 1965/66 Mass Violence in Indonesia

WPAT: Open letter to President-elect Joko Widodo on West Papua rights (August 6)

Human Rights Abuses in Papua and West Papua (July 16)

ETAN Statement on 2014 Indonesian Election (July 10)

Prabowo, Part 3: The NSA, Militia Terror, Aceh, Servants, and "Slaves" (July 7)

Breaking News: Indonesian Special Forces, Intelligence, in Covert Operation to Influence Election; Bahasa Indonesia: Operasi Rahasia Kopassus dan BIN Untuk Mempengaruhi Hasil Pemilu (July 5)

Prabowo, Part 2: "I was the Americans' fair-haired boy." The Nationalist General and the United States by Allan NairnPrabowo, Bagian 2: “Saya anak kesayangan Amerika.” Sang Jenderal Nasionalis dan Amerika Serikat. (July 1)

Groups Urge Any New Government of Indonesia to Pursue Justice and Respect Rights; Rilis Media: Kelompok-kelompok yang Mendesak Pemerintah Baru Indonesia untuk Mengejar Keadilan dan Menghormati Hak Asasi. (June 30);  Statement to the next government of Indonesia on human rights (June 30)

Prabowo: "Do I have the guts am I ready to be called a fascist dictator?"Allan Nairn: "Do I have the guts," Prabowo asked, "am I ready to be called a fascist dictator?" (June 22)

Urgent Appeal: Two Papuan students arrested and tortured for calling for the release of political prisoners (April 17)

ETAN ELECTION BACKGROUNDER: Indonesia’s Militarized Democracy: Candidates bring proven records of violating human rights (March 26)

postcard to World Bank, found deep in the archives. #taok

latest postcard from the deep archives This one a thanks to Time Magazine

Postcard to ExxonMobil, found deep in the archives. #taok

TNI writes Freeport McMoRan a note of thanks.

Thank you cards from Indonesian military found buried deep in the archives,
in the back of a file cabinet.

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ETAN projects images from the Oscar-nominated documentary THE ACT OF KILLING on World Bank headquarters (February 20)
Photo by Dakota Bell.  


WPAT condemns Indonesian violence targeting West Papuan demonstrators (November 29)

Indonesia and the School of the Americas (November 15)

Rights groups call on MSG to allow West Papuans to claim their Melanesian identity (October 15)

Open Letter to Westmont College on Kissinger and West Papua (October 8)

ETAN Urges President Obama to Put Human Rights at Center of U.S.-Indonesia Relations During Upcoming Visit to Indonesia (October 3)
West Papua Advocacy Team Open Letter to President Obama (October 3)

Open letter from civil society groups opposing the World Bank support of coal in Indonesia (October 2)

Competing Historical Narratives Impede Indonesian-Papuan Dialogue by David Webster (October)

Groups Condemn Sale of Deadly Attack Helicopters to Indonesia (August 26)
IPS: U.S. Sells Attack Helicopters to Indonesia amid Rights Concerns (August 26)

ETAN/WPAT Urge Justice on 15th Anniversary of Biak (West Papua) Massacre (July 4)

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Pacific teach-in sends message of support to West Papuan political prisoners (June 5)

View from Jakarta: World Statements Against Religious Violence (May 26)
View from Jakarta: The room was papered with signatures (May 24)
View from Jakarta: No World Statesman Award for SBY (May 22)

TAPOL/ETAN/WPAT et al: Urgent Appeal: freedom of expression in Papua (May 22)

Comments on the U.S. Department of State's Annual Country Report on Human Rights for 2012 Concerning Indonesia/West Papua (May 15)

ETAN/WPAT: Groups Call on U.S. to Condemn Indonesian Attacks on Peaceful Demonstrations in West Papua (May 3)
also ABC Radio Australia: Interview with WPAT's Ed McWilliams (May 7)

ETAN to Jakarta West Papua Solidarity Conference (March 21)

Freedom in Entangled Worlds: West Papua and the Architecture of Global Power. A Review by Ed McWilliams for ETAN (March 20)

ETAN/West Papua Advocacy Team: Nine Questions for Sen. John Kerry, nominee for Secretary of State, on Indonesia, Timor-Leste and West Papua (January 22)

Congratulations to The Act of Killing on its Oscar Nomination
Order the documentary here and support ETAN

TAKE ACTION: Join the Say Sorry for 65 Campaign

Blu-Ray (2 discs) DVD (2 Disc)


Perspective: Reflections on the 1962 New York Agreement by Dr. John Saltford (December 2012) 

Perspective: Genocide in West Papua by Malign Neglect by Ed McWilliams (November 2012)

Chris Lundry speaks at ETAN/Occupy Phoenix Demonstration at Freeport
December 14, 2012

WPAT: Letter to Secretary of State Clinton on West Papua Concerns (August 31)

Groups Respond to Mystery List of Papua Supporters (July 30)

ETAN writes on health care for Papuan political prisoner Filep Karma (April 22)

More than 90 Groups Urge U.S. Not to Sell Attack Helicopters to Indonesia (March 30)

Exclusive: Kopassus Organizes Propaganda Offensive Targeting U.S. and Other International Interests Regarding West Papua (February)

Statement for Phoenix Occupy Freeport Demonstration (February 3)

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Waging Nonviolence: Strike at Freeport settled, mine’s scars linger (December 17)

On October 28, ETAN, Occupy Phoenix and others picketed Freeport-McMoran headquarters in Phoenix, AZ: ETAN's Elizabeth Venable talk about Arizona protest on FSRN (October 28)  Video report is here

WPAT/ETAN: Statement on Strike at Freeport McMoran's Mining Operation in West Papua (October 21)

Tapol, WPAT, ETAN: Indonesian crackdown on Papuan Congress sparks outrage (October 20)

WIN Magazine: Food vs. Forests, Profits vs. People By Octo Mote and John M. Miller (Summer)

WPAT STATEMENT: Papuans Must Be Afforded the Right to Self-determination (September)

26 Members of the House of Representatives Write Indonesia President to Call for Release of Papuan Prisoner Filep Karma (August 18)

Empty promises whitewash Freeport's rights, responsibility record (August 7)

Say it ain't so, Mo! - Nike in Indonesia (July 26)

ETAN Urges Secretary Clinton to Condition Security Assistance to Indonesia on Rights (July 20)

West Papua Advocacy Team Writes Secretary of State Clinton on Indonesian military operation in Puncak Jaya (July 20)

Global support for human rights and human rights defenders in West Papua (July 14)

Light Sentences for Rights Violators Spark Calls for Suspension of Aid to Abusive and Unaccountable Indonesian Military (January 25)


Indonesia Respect Rights of Papuan Prisoners Filep Karma and Buchtar Tabuni  (December 9)

Statement of East Timor and Indonesia Action Network on President Obama's Visit to Indonesia (November 5)

West Papua Advocacy Team: Open Letter to President Obama on The Eve of His Visit to Indonesia (November 4)

ETAN/WPAT: Suspend Training and Funding of Indonesian Police Unit Detachment 88 (September 29)

Faleomavega Holds First Ever Hearing Regarding Indonesia's Deliberate and Systematice Abuse in West Papua (September 24)
Preliminary Transcript of September 22, 2010 Congressional Hearing on West Papua (September 22)

ETAN/WPAT Urge Obama Administration to Reject Dino Patti Djalal as Indonesia's Ambassador (September 15)

Groups Urge President of Indonesia to Release Papuan Political Prisoners, Change Law (August 16)

50 Members of U.S. Congress Call Upon Obama Administration to Make West Papua One of Its Highest Priorities (August 1)

ETAN Condemns U.S. Plan to Get Back in Bed with Indonesia's Kopassus Killers (July 22)

WPAT: Concerns about operations in Puncak Jaya Region of West Papua (June 18)

New Kopassus Number 2 Organized Militia in 1998-1999 (June 18)

ETAN/WPAT: Comments on the U.S. Department of State Country reports on Human Rights Practices for 2009 (April 12)

ETAN: Open Letter to President Barack Obama on His 2010 Visit to Indonesia (March 18)

Four Jakarta NGOs Reject the Plan to Train Kopassus (March 18)

West Papua Advocacy Team: Statement on International Crisis Group report - and its coverage (March 16)

Imparsial: Statement towards the visit of The United States of America's President Barack Obama (March 11)

U.S. Training of Kopassus: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Not Come (March 4)

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WPAT Write Obama Ahead of His Trip to Indonesia (March 1)

ETAN To Obama Administration: U.S. military assistance will harm reform and set back human rights (February 27)

WPAT/ETAN: Naming of Senior Kopassus Officer as Indonesia Military Commander Undermines West Papua (January 23)

Indonesian General Sjafrie Sjamsuddin Not Fit for Civilian Defense Post (January 9)


ETAN/WPAT: Statement on Killing of Papuan Leader Kelly Kwalik (December 19)

WPAT/ETAN: Flawed History -What Goes Un-Noted in the State Department's "Background Notes" on Indonesia (December)

Joint Letter on Defamation Case against Usman Hamid of KontraS (November 23)

ETAN/WPAT: Letter to Michael H. Posner, Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (October 13)

Joint Statement between ETAN and Indonesian Human Rights Groups on Martenus Bere and Justice for Timor-Leste (September 12)

WPAT: Impunity at the Freeport Gold & Copper Mine: Will Indonesian Security Forces Get Away with It Again? (July 23)

ETAN/Kontras: Joint Statement on Accountability in the Run-up to the Indonesian Presidential Elections; Pernyataan bersama tentang akuntabilitas dalam pemilihan presiden Indonesia (July 2)

Indonesia's SBY Implicated in Cover Up of Ambush Murder of U.S. Citizens (July 1)

WPAT/ETAN Urge Meaningful Pressure on Jakarta for Papuan Rights (April 27)

Groups Urge U.S. Action on West Papua Rights as Security Situation Deteriorates (April 9)

Comments on the U.S. Department of State Country reports on Human Rights Practices for 2008 (March 23)

Will the US president continue unrestricted aid to Indonesia’s military? (March)

Groups Write Secretary of State Clinton on Eve of Her Visit to Indonesia (also Bahasa Indonesia) (February 17)

Ed McWilliams: Rethink needed on US arms to Indonesia (Asia Times Op-ed) (January 28)

WPAT: Appeal To Secretary of State Clinton Regarding Human Rights in West Papua (January 21)


Joint Letter on Recent Papua Human Rights Cases - Buktar Tabuni (arrested) and Mr. Yosias Syet (murdered) (December 15)

Statement on the operations of the Freeport McMoran Mine in West Papua, to the U.S. Senate hearing on Extracting Natural Resources: Corporate Responsibility and the Rule of Law (September 24)

Election 2008: Where the Presidential Candidates Stand on Indonesia and East Timor (September 7)

Joint statement of Amnesty International USA, ETAN, and West Papua Advocacy Team Concerning Congressional Letter to President Yudhoyono (August 18)

New Study Links Indonesian Politician  to 2002 Murder of U.S. Schoolteachers (August 17)

Congress Demands Action on West Papua Political Prisoners as Human Rights Violations Persist, also in Bahasa Indonesia (August 7)

Response to State Department Informational Report on Indonesia, FY 2008 (July)


Congress Demands Action on West Papua Political Prisoners as Human Rights Violations Persist (August 7)

ETAN/WPAT: Comments on the on the U.S. Department of State Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2007 (March 30)

ETAN/WPAT: Letter to Secretary of State Rice on Recent Arrests in West Papua (March 25)


Special Autonomy Issue by Octavianus Mote, Fellow, Yale University, Genocide Studies Program (December

Faleomavaega Disappointed With His Visit To Biak And Manokwari Papua, Indonesia (December 17)

Letter to Secretary of State Rice on Iwanggin Sabar Olif (October 31)

Indonesia: Remove Timor-indicted colonel from West Papua; Crimes against humanity suspect a threat to Papuans (June 28)

Joyo News/Pantau Exclusive Report: Murder at Mile 63; Media Release (April 9)

Estafeta: U.S. Re-engages the Indonesian Military: Rights, Democracy Suffer (Feb. 2007)
New Year Dawns with Threats to Human Rights in West Papua (Feb. 2007)
Munir Update (Feb. 2007)

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Bush's Big Indonesian Photo-Op by Ben Terrall and John M. Miller (November 27)
oyo/Pantau: Murder At Mile 63: Part One of a Report on the Timika Killings (November 10)

Congressional Letter to President Yudhoyono calling for action on the Munir case (November 3)

Response to Department of State’s Papua and Aceh Report of April 2006 (Summer)

Groups Urge Australia to Adopt Humane Refugee Policies Toward Papuans; Oppose Proposed Changes to Migration Law (May 11)

Jubilee USA and ETAN Challenge Wolfowitz to Address Roots of Corruption by Canceling Indonesia's Suharto-Era Debt (April 11)

Solidarity message on KONTRAS 8th anniversary (March 20)

March 16 Protest at Indonesian Embassy in Washington (March 16)

As Secretary of State Visits Jakarta, Rights Group Urges U.S. Policy on Indonesia Promoting Justice and Rights, Not Military Might (March 13)

Letter to Australia on Papuan Asylum Seekers (January 20)

ETAN Urges Secretary of State to Promote Justice and Rights, Not Military Might, During Upcoming Trip to Indonesia  [Please note Secretary Rice has postponed her trip to March.] (January 6)

Kontras: Chronology of Munir Case (January 16)


ETAN Condemns Administration Waiver Permitting Weapons Sales to Indonesia (November 22)

Human Rights First: U.S. Congress Calls for Justice for Slain Indonesian Human Rights Hero; Human rights group says investigation and prosecution falls short (9 November)
U.S. Congress Upholds Pressure for Human Rights for Indonesia, Timor; Law Will Restrict Military Assistance for Indonesia (3 November)
Ed McWilliams: Response to Efforts to Deny Crimes Against Humanity in West Papua (November)

Dissident Voice: The Mass Killings in Indonesia After 40 Years by John Roosa and Joseph Nevins (October 30)

U.S. Groups Call on Congress to Maintain Restrictions on Military Aid to Indonesia; Urge Conference Committee to Adopt Senate Provisions of Foreign Aid Bill (September 22)
U.S. Catholic Bishops on Military Aid to Indonesia (September 20)
Members of Congress Urge President Yudhoyono of Indonesia to Open up Access to West Papua; Ongoing Human Rights Abuses Condemned (September 16)

Members of Congress Urge President Bush Not to Normalize Military Ties with Indonesia; Rewarding “Half-Steps” to Reform Undeserved (August 18)
Rep. Faleomavaega: International Relations Committee Passes State Dept. Authorization Bill With Mr. Faleomavaega and Mr. Payne’s Language About West Papua  (July 1) Bill text (PDF) see Section 1115

ETAN Accuses House of Representatives of Selling Out Rights, Reform; Bill Would Lift Restrictions on Military Assistance to Indonesia (June 29)
The Question of U.S. Military Assistance for Indonesia (June)
More Than 50 Groups Urge Bush Not to Offer Military Assistance to Indonesian President (May 24)

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ETAN Greetings to Fifth International Solidarity Meeting on West Papua (April 28)
Groups Urge Indonesian Cooperation with UN Commission of Experts (April 5)
Background on Paul Wolfowitz, Indonesia and East Timor (March)

ETAN Condemns Restoration of IMET for Indonesia; Calls State Department's Certification Fraudulent and a Setback for Justice, Human Rights and Reform (February 27)
New Facts Link Indonesian Military to "Terror Attack" on U.S. Citizens; Rice May Release IMET to Indonesia Before Investigation Concludes (February 17)
ETAN: Tsunami Must Not Sweep Away Restrictions on Indonesian Military (January 13)
Dozens of Faith-Based, Development, Advocacy Groups Call on United States to Tackle Debt Crisis for Tsunami-Affected Nations (January 10)
NGO Letter to Secretary of State Powell on Aceh Crisis (January 4)
Aceh Issues


ETAN/NI/ILRF: U.S. Groups Urge Indonesia to Put People over Politics; Humanitarian Catastrophe Adds to Human-Created Destruction in Aceh (December 30)
Indonesian NGOs on Joint Truth Commission (December 27)
ET NGOs Response to the Indonesian and East Timor governments to establish a Truth and Friendship Commission (December 21)
U.S. NGOs Write Indonesian President on Murder of Rights Activist Munir (December 3)

ETAN Urges New Indonesian President to Pursue Justice for Victims of East Timor’s Occupation (October 19)
Members of Congress Oppose U.S. Assistance to Unreformed, "Corrupt" Indonesian Military (October 12)
“Military Has Already Won” Indonesian Election, Says ETAN, Neither Candidate Likely to Limit Military (Sept. 18)
U.S. Groups Oppose U.S. Military Assistance to Indonesia, Tell Secretary of State that Military Remains “Unreformed” Rights Violator (Sept. 15)

Congress Disappointed with Secretary Rumsfeld’s Plans for U.S.-Indonesia Military Ties (August 5)

West Papua Rights Organizations Condemn Statement by U.S. Attorney General on Killing of Americans at Freeport Mine; Urge U.S. Congress To Push for a Full & Impartial Investigation (August 4)
Senators call for UN Special Rep. on Aceh/Papua (June 28)
RFK Memorial Center for Human Rights Questions Dept. of Justice Announcement on West Papua Ambush  (June 26)
Rights Group Says Wiranto Must Stand Trial, Not Stand for Office (April 21)
Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen Misleads 9-11 Commission; U.S. Assistance to the Indonesian Military Aided Terrorism (March 25)
Indonesia Flexes Military Muscle in Border Dispute with East Timor; Where Is International Reaction? (Jan. 21)

ETAN: Bush Must Set Record Straight: No Military Assistance for Indonesia (Oct 21)

IHRN/ETAN: Bush Administration Plans to Resume Training Indonesian Military for this Year (July 18)
IHRN/ETAN: House of Representatives Reinstates Restrictions on Military Training for Indonesia (July 15)
IHRN/ETAN Condemn Bush Administration Move to Restore Military Training for Indonesia, Urge Congress to Strongly Protest; American Survivor of Ambush and Former Foreign Service Officer Call for Continued Ban (July 14)
IHRN/ETAN: Congress Expresses Deep Concern about Military Offensive and Human Rights Violations in Aceh Representatives Criticize Indonesia’s Use of U.S. Military Equipment (June 27)
Powell Urged to Raise Aceh War at ASEAN Meeting (June 16)
June 9 DC demo at Washington D.C. Indonesian embassy opposes Aceh war supports Justice for ET (June 10)

IHRN/ETAN: Rights Groups Praise Senators for Restricting Military Training for Indonesia (May 22)
IHRN/ETAN: Human Rights Groups Protest Indonesia's War in Aceh Demand an End to Human Rights Abuses (May 20)
IHRN: U.S.-made weapons to be used in Indonesian military war on Aceh (May 13)
IHRN/ETAN: House International Relations Committee Expresses Strong Support for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution in Indonesia and East Timor; Criticizes Indonesian Justice Efforts; Calls for Alternatives (May 8)
ETAN Praises New Indictment of Indonesian Officials for Crimes in E Timor (April 9)

IHRN: Arrests of nonviolent activists in Aceh show Indonesian military continues to be unworthy partner in "War on Terror" (Feb. 17)
UK Woman Released from Indonesian Jail after Five Months (February 10)

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The Question of U.S. Military Assistance for Indonesia (December)
Support U.S. Nurse and UK Academic Detained in Aceh (November)

ETAN Calls for UN Review of Papua Act of "Free Choice" (November 13)
Remembering Senator Paul Wellstone (November)
Questions for candidates and others on E Timor and Indonesia (October)
Indonesian Rights Activists Urge U.S. Congress To Block Military Training (October 7)

Leahy Conditions on Restrictions of Military Assistance for Indonesia Have Not Been Met (7/26)
ETAN to Powell on his visit to Indonesia (7/25)

IFET: International Federation Warns of West Papua-East Timor Parallels in Letter to Indonesia's President (6/13)

SPINNING GOLD (Freeport) by Robert Bryce  Mother Jones Magazine (September/October 1996)


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