August 2003 

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Early August

"Victims 1975-1999 ask the Government of America to support the creation of an international tribunal.  Congratulations 227 (years since 4 July 1776)." Demonstration. Dili, East Timor. Photo by Charles Scheiner. 

ETAN: ETAN on Death of Sergio de Mello

ETAN: Indonesian Court's Final East Timor Sentence "A Joke"

Action Alert: Demand Justice for East Timor!

ETAN/IHRN: U.S. House of Representatives Reiterates "No IMET for Indonesia"

LH: Letter to UN on UNMISET's present and the UN's future in E Timor

ETAN/IHRN: Bush Administration Plans to Resume Training Indonesian Military
IHRN/ETAN Condemn Bush Administration Move to Restore Military Training for Indonesia, Urge Congress to Strongly Protest
U.S. Congress Demonstrates Strong Support for Justice for East Timor

ET National Alliance for an International Tribunal: Happy Independence Day to the People and Government of the United States of America on July 4, 2003
IHRN/ETAN: Congress Expresses Deep Concern about Military Offensive and Human Rights Violations in Aceh Representatives Criticize Indonesia’s Use of U.S. Military Equipment
Ninety Rights Groups Call for Military Embargo Against Indonesia

LH Bulletin: Double issue: Timor Gap oil and Brazilian Aid to East Timor (August 2003: Bulletin Vol. 4, No. 3-4)
Support ETAN: Message from Howard Zinn

August 24 - 31
Getting away with murder
Timorese pay for freedom with blood

Sergio Vieira de Mello A Tragic Loss to Those Who Care (James Dunn)
East Timor's blood, Australia's oil?
East Timor wants Sept-Oct border talks with Australia
New Rock groups Thrive in Post-Independence Era

UN 'should remain in E Timor'
E Timor to receive funding for national police force
Dili, Canberra, Jakarta together against threat of terrorism
President Xanana Hopes Ex Refugees To Return Home
East Timor- The forgotten state (fighting corruption)

Indonesia's Wiranto- Running for President
RI plans to upgrade ties with E. Timor
Former TNI Members Still Living in Ex-Refugee Camps
Border markets, crossing points open in Nov - Jakarta official
People of Covalima District in E Timor Called to Be Serious in Reconciliation
Ex-E Timorese Refugees Deserve Job Opportunities Abroad
Dili grants some ex-militias immunity for reconciliation visits

Local Media Monitoring - August 28, 2003
Media Review 27 August 2003
Daily Media Review 26 August 2003
Daily Media Review 25 August 2003

Jakarta's Final Verdict, Serious Crimes Unit and other Justice  Updates (August)
Major General Adam Damiri
General Damiri in court.

ETAN: Indonesian Court's Final East Timor Sentence "A Joke"

IFET: Urges UN Security Council to Create International Tribunal for East Timor

Letter: A U.N. Tribunal for East Timor

ICTJ Intended to Fail - Ad Hoc HR Court in Jakarta (PDF)

Indonesian Ad-Hoc Court (August)

Jakarta Observed- Military Misrule Alive And Well
Jakarta Rights Tribunal Buries E. Timor Atrocities
Only justice can build Dili-Jakarta relationship
Justice in Indonesia (letter)
Indonesia prosecutors appeal verdict on general in E. Timor's violence
Justice after the Timor bloodshed (editorial)

Govt pooh-poohs int'l rights standards
East Timor atrocities- Submit to international tribunal
U.S. Timor Activists- General's Sentence A "Joke" [Also Army's Resurgence]
US disappointed with Indon rights tribunal, Timor activists rage

IPS: Massacre Mastermind Gets Slap on Wrist in Indonesia
UN Timor tribunal 'possible'
Timor Upset by Indonesia Verdict
Unexpected three year jail sentence for Damiri
Surprise at E Timor guilty verdict
EU, rights groups denounce Jakarta's flimsy human rights trials
Calls for international tribunal on East Timor atrocities
Light sentence for dark crimes

Justice System Monitoring Project: Court in Jakarata Completes Theatical Performance*
Amnesty International: Guilty Verdict Insufficient to Deliver Justice and Truth*
Human Rights Watch: Transfer Convicted General From Aceh*
CIIR: Indonesian tribunal verdict feeds impunity*
NZGOV: East Timor tribunal has not delivered justice*
Indonesia Human Rights Committee: Sentence for War Criminal a bad joke*

*open in new window

see July, June, May, April, March, February updates on Indonesia Ad Hoc Court

Serious Crimes Updates

E. Timor Court Sentences Ex-Militia Leader To Prison
SCU: Update VII-03 5 August 2003
Two Indictments issued charging crimes in Alieu and Oecussi
E. Timor Court Jails Two Ex-Militia Leaders Over Murders
Two Militia Commanders Convicted

E Timor indicts more Indonesian military officers
SCU:Maliana Indictment Issued Charging 57
SCU: 3 Prosecutors Sworn-in To Appear At The Special Panels
E. Timor appoints more prosecutors to seek justice for 1999 crimes
Interpol joins hunt for killers

see July, June, May, April Serious Crimes Updates

JSMP/Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law: Symposium On Justice For International Crimes Committed in The Territory of East Timor (English --Portuguese)*

Amnesty says weak justice system in East Timor undermined rights

August 17 - 23

Death of de Mello
Sergio Vieira de Mello A Tragic Loss to Those Who Care
Tributes for former UN administrator
Interview with de Mello on ET from Sept. 2002
Horta criticised for death penalty comments
Jose Ramos-Horta - I'll support death for terrorists
UN mission to beef up security following Baghdad blast
East Timor mourns loss of "great brother and friend"
A Diplomat's Life- Sergio Vieira de Mello

LIFSLIPO- stop military operation in Acheh...
Feared Militia Leader Lives Happily in Yogya [Joao da Silva Tavares]
Kopassus Chief to Visit Australia
Xanana: Falintil Day Message
Lisbon official seeks to 'smooth out' controversy on aid to courts

'Fallen heroes' of independence war exhumed for proper burial
East Timor warning on oilfield control
Alkatiri astonished at Lisbon honoring man blamed for civil war
Observers face regional alignment dilemma
E Timor kept waiting in boundaries talks

Media Review 22 August 2003
Local Daily Media Review 20 August 2003
Local Daily Media Review 19 August 2003
Daily Media Review 18 August 2003
Daily Media Review 13 August 2003

Which Law Applies - Portuguese or Indonesian
JSMP: Report on the Court of Appeal Decision in the case of Armando dos Santos English, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia examines the recent Court of Appeal Decision that decided that the subsidiary applicable law in East Timor is the Law of Portugal, rather than Indonesia.

JSMP:The Court of appeal decision on the Applicable Subsidiary Law in Timor Leste (PDF) Also: Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese
ABC: Legal System Faces Chaos
TL Parliament: Proposed Law on Applicable Law in East Timor (PDF)
JSMP: Special Panel Delivers its own Decision on the Applicable Law
JSMP: East Timor's Court of Appeal Renders Three Further Decisions Applying Portuguese Law
Prosecutor General files request with Supreme Court for declaration on which law applies
Old European tongue brings chaos to E. Timor

Appeals Court Decisions (english translations)

Other Links (open in new window)

ICTJ Crying without Tears - Community Perspectives on Justice

JSMP: New Internal Security Act May Be Unconstitutional

International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims - East Timor program

UNDP: Timor-Leste committed to internalize and adapt the Millennium Development Goals

UNDP supports reconciliation in Timor-Leste

Magsaysay Award citation for Aniceto Guterres Lopes

IFRC: East Timor Appeal No. 01.60/2003 Programme Update No. 2

UN: Security Situation in Timor-Leste Quiet, Un Police Chief Says
UNDP: Timor-Leste strengthens parliament and the justice sector

2004 United States-East Timor Scholarship Program Competition

24 Reports from East Timor (and Indonesia) Curt Gabrielson spent two years in East Timor working on science education, as well as observing various aspects of East Timor's reconstruction. Here are links to each of his 24 monthly newsletters.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Timor-Leste website (new official website)
Official Gazette of Government of East Timor

Kissinger Watch

August 10 - 16
Australia must not get back in bed with Kopassus
Downer reassures on Kopassus troops
Washington Refuses Kopassus

Listening to Indonesian War Veterans
PM Alkatiri confident of his security forces in post-UN scenario

Five-year deadline to settle sea border with Australia - Alkatiri
Canberra agrees to E Timor boundary talks

Xanana- at book launch of Women, War, Peace

E Timorese in S Sulawesi Reluctant to Go Home
E. Timorese graduates await RI citizenship decision
Infilitration into W Timor not alarming
Human Tragedy of East Timor

Local Media Monitoring - August 14, 2003
Daily Media Review 14 August 2003
Local Media Monitoring - August 13, 2003
Local Media Monitoring - August 12, 2003
Local Media Monitoring - August 11, 2003

Early August
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