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December 1 - 7
Habibie: self-determination must not threaten unity of sovereign nation
Horta calls for release of Tian Chua
Jewish Resolution
Conference on Self-determination report
ET Students picket US consulate
AI UA 299-98 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety- arbitrary arrests
Portugal demands permanent UN presence
Student investigation team forced to return to Dili
Sec. Albright on Human Rights
ICRC's press release concerning Alas incidents
Alas Women's Testimony
Military to arm East Timorese against rebel attacks
United Nations - military admits rights abuses in Timor

AI Says Indonesia Losing Sight Of Human Rights
Military to arm East Timorese against rebel attacks
745th Batallion In East Timor Deserts
Democratization In Indonesia & The Solution For The East Timor Conflict
Statement by Yayasan HAK on the situation in Alas
Youths mark anniversary with UN protest

December 8 - 14
AI UA 306-98 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety
East Timorese Protesters Mark Invasion Anniversary
FOKUPERS- Women Seminar Dili 25 Nov
Commission on human rights installs new board members
Horta condemns denial of UN access
Ramos Horta says Jakarta once again acts in "bad faith"
Report from Alas
Xanana said to sign appeal against violence
Death in Balibo - background piece
RadRen- Message from Xanana to U.S.
Lisbon Lawmaker to Seek Suharto's Extradition for Murder
Toledo Editorial - Turn the screw on Indonesia

EU Statement on East Timor
Habibie rules out independence for East Timor
Horta Cites Pinochet Case Against Suharto
Portugal welcomes US call for "more transparency"

December 15 - 21
2,000 students gather outside "parliament"
Dili commander on a ceasefire and the UN
Horta says Suharto should be tried for crimes against humanity
Indonesia suspends sending settlers to Timor
Timorese students demonstrate against violence
Albright says free Xanana, reduce troops
Gusmao advocates temporary autonomy scheme
Hundreds of people flee their homes in E Timor
Portugal, Indonesia slowly mend split over E.Timor
Swiss journalists reach Alas
UN envoy on ET arrives in Indonesia
Calamity befalls the people of Maliana
Gusmao pledges support for UN peace talks
Mixed reaction to Gusmao's interview
U.N. envoy urges peace for East Timor talks
Belo- halt protests during holiday season
ETObs- FA02 - Alas no exception to the rule!
SOLID-NET - Human rights abuses in Timor have intensified
U.N Special Envoy Arrives in East Timor
Crowds greet UN envoy in East Timor
U.N. Official Confirms Indonesia Mass Rapes
UN special envoy airlifted amid protest at E.Timor airport

Alkatiri says 10-year transition period is "long"

December 22 - 30
Indonesia to free political prisoners
Jakarta pledges commitment to UN-Timor negotiations
UN special envoy on Timor meets Wiranto
U.N Timor envoy plays down airport drama
Where are UN Negotiations headed & where SHOULD they go?
E Timor rocked by peaceful actions
Indonesia to decide on Xanana's fate after tripartite talks
Prabowo denies taking up Jordanian citizenship (not that he wouldn't like to)
Habibie plans new meeting with Bishop Belo
tres or dez anos [Xanana says 3 years?!]

Timor bishop reluctant to meet Habibie
Portuguese lawyers demand Suharto extradition
US Representatives Call for UN observers
Habibie urged to release all political prisoners unconditionally
Jordan denies granting citizenship to Suharto's son-in-law (Who wants him?)
Human Rights Watch - 1998 Year-end review of Indonesia
Ramos-Horta commends Bishop Belo
Protest Jakarta style
Indonesia sees scant chance of Suharto extradition


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Postings of Human Rights Violations in East Timor