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TAKE ACTION for justice on November12 anniversary of Santa Cruz massacre

U.S. Reps urge fully-integrated Timor mission

ETAN: Commission of Inquiry Report Can Help Timor-Leste Overcome Divisions, But Context of Recent Violence Needs Attention

TAKE ACTION: Tell the U.S. and Australia to Support a Unified UN Mission in Timor-Leste

ETAN Reaffirms and Strengthens Work to Support Timor-Leste

Int'l Federation for East Timor Urges Fully Integrated UN Mission Calls for Australian troops to forego separate command

Statement of T-L Civil Society Supporting a UN-led security presence in Timor-Leste

Call to put all foreign troops in Timor-Leste under UN command

TAPOL, ETAN Call UN Proposals on Justice for Timor-Leste “Inadequate” Letter to UN Secretary-General on Justice

LH: Status of Forces Agreements for foreign troops and police deployed to Timor-Leste in May
LH: The Paradox of Aid in Timor-Leste

Listen to ETAN's Forum on the crisis in East Timor

LH: Suggestions for the Next United Nations Mission in Timor-Leste

ETAN: Secretary of Defense Must Not Undermine Reform, Rights on Visit to Jakarta

Bush Administration Grants Unlimited Military “Aid” to Indonesia Betrays Military’s Victims and End-Runs Congress
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I’ve long admired ETAN’s work. For well over a decade, ETAN has conducted some of the most effective grassroots campaigns I know. With limited resources, they helped free a nation and fundamentally changed policy toward one of the U.S.’s closest and most repressive allies, Indonesia.
Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now!”

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Pramoedya Ananta Toer dies (also excerpts from statements on E. Timor)
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October 28 - 23

Ramos-Horta defends rejection of UN peacekeeping force
JRH reacts to parliaments call for unified UN mission

Australia has failed- Timor army chief

Anti-Australian sentiment felt in Dili
Timor clashes meant to destabilise- defence head
Dili gangs turn on Australian forces
Deadly ethnic clashes terrorize residents
Shoot to Kill 'The Only Way to Halt the Violence'
Eyewitness account of rampant violence

Video of Informal comments to the Media by the President of the Security Council
UN- transcript of Maria Dias, President of Rede Feto on Women and peace and security

Pope receives East Timor's prime minister
Police officers to take part in UN Mission in Timor Leste

Tuberculosis control effective in conflict-affected East Timor
S.Korean energy developer to explore gas field in Timor-Leste

Indonesia funds housing for E Timorese refugees settled in West Timor
Not quite a success story, yet

Digger shot at Timor man
Bishop Belo tries to stop E Timor unrest
Airport closed after violence in East Timor

U.S. President Bush to Visit Indonesia, Singapore Next Month
Indonesia reconciliation commission plan left high and dry

UNMIT Daily Media Review 

27 October
26 October
25 October
21-23 October

UN Commission of Inquiry Report Released

ETAN: Commission of Inquiry Report Can Help Timor-Leste Overcome Divisions, But Context of Recent Violence Needs Attention

The COI Report is available in the following languages (English is the original and definitive version)*:

JSMP: Response to the Report of the UN Independent Special Commission of Inquiry for Timor-Leste
UN- transcript of Maria Diaz, President of Rede Feto on Women and peace and security
The position of the FALINTIL-FDTL on the Report by the UN’s Independent Investigation Commission
XG- Message to the Nation On the Report of the Independent Special Commission of Inquiry 
E Timor's former leader says he was unaware civilians were armed
E.Timor PM defends military chief over U.N. 
Peters urges cautious response to UN's East Timor report 

UN report a joke, says Timorese army rebel
Australia will help East Timor find justice after violence, minister says
E Timor findings show institutional and individual failure
E.Timor ex-PM should face probe, UN says

COI commissioners.
UN photonbsp;

UN: Top UN official in Timor-Leste praises calm response to violence report*
UNMIT press conference to discuss the reactions to the recently released Commission of Inquiry report and to provide a public security update. Transcript of press conference*
Teleconference between Commissioner Ralph Zacklin in New York and the Timorese media in Dili following the release of the report. Transcript of teleconference*

Secretary-General's message to the people of Timor-Leste on the release of the Report of the Independent Special Commission of Inquiry*

Security Council Report: Update No. 2 Timor-Leste*
Downer Interview: ABC’s Lateline*
NZGOV: Peters calls for positive response to Timor report
Lefty E: East Timor and the UN Report*
Timor Democracy Support Network welcomes the release of the Report of the UN Independent Special Commission of Inquiry for Timor-Leste*

OHCHR: Commission of inquiry for Timor-Leste to conclude work
UNMIT: FAQ on Independent Sp. Commission of Inquiry

* open in new window

October 21 - 16

Bishop Belo 'ashamed' to see violence return to East Timor 
JRH to see Pope next week
ET Christians Should Respect The Muslim Minority, Says Premier

UN police to expand E Timor operation 
Timor's top peacekeeper meets rebel in secret
The frictions that ignited the troubles in East Timor

Timor-Leste critical of delays to delivery of passenger ferry 
Portugal urges international support for E. Timor

Professor fights to save Timor records 
XG- President launches the Commission of Dialogue for the Community Reintegration 

Indonesia to join Security Council
'Yudhoyono Faltering on Human Rights' Fabio Scarpello

UNMIT Daily Media Review

20 October
19 October
18 October
17 October
14 Oct - 16 October

Other Links (open in new window)

L to R: President of the National Parliament, Francisco "Lu'Olo" Guterres, President of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (RDTL) Kayrala Xanana Gusmao and RDTL Prime Minister Jose Ramos-Horta. UN photo.  
UNICEF: Youth centre helps spread messages of peace in Dili, Timor-Leste

AUSAID: A Survey Of Gangs And Youth Groups In Dili, Timor-Leste, A Report Commissioned By Australia's Agency For International Development
UN: Speak to me nicely. A Study on Practices and Attitudes about Discipline of Children in Timor-Leste Direct link to the report click here.

AUSTCARE: John Rodsted - Diary in the field (June)

Places of suffering and pathways to healing: post-conflict life in Bidau, East Timor. PhD thesis
UNFPA: Gender-Based Violence in T-L

TLGOV: Government reaffirms full support for Australian and NZ  troops

NPR Check: Hendren's Magic Marker (on Adm Fallon's visit to ET)

Timor Leste Conflict Assessment (2004)

Blog chronicle of visit to Timor-Leste (look in October)

Speech by Louise Arbour, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

UN: Timor-Leste: airport reopens after UN helps curb gang violence
UN: Security Council discusses role of women in peacekeeping,  post-conflict
USGOV: Statement in UN 4th Committee

Incidents with ADF and Australian police in Loro Mata and Comoroe

NZ's Goff: Speech to Japan Press Club

Nobel Peace Laureates urge governments to vote for an Arms
DCAF: The Post-Conflict Security Sector (comparative study)

Jura Povu Timor - A Proposal to Bring a Solution to the Current Crisis - An Oath for the People of Timor: Strengthening Unity, Ending Violence and Cherishing Culture through Customary Timorese Belief Structures

Security Council Report: Update No. 2 Timor-Leste
UN: Troop-Contributing Countries Offer Guidance as Fourth Committee
UN: Senior peacekeeping official stresses efficiency and a broader approach to security

UNMIT press conference to discuss the reactions to the recently released Commission of Inquiry report and to provide a public security update. Transcript of press conference


IOM: East Timor: Dili camp management forum

IMF: Staff Statement at the Conclusion of the 2006 Article IV

Guns and the Pacific - A Wasteful Hiccup at the United Nations

Fretilin: Timor-Leste: Chronology of Events from January 11th till August 31st

UN: Secretary-General appoints team of experts for next year’s Timor-Leste elections
UN: Timor-Leste: restoring public security is absolute necessity, UN officials say
UNMIT: Transcript of joint press conference

UNMIT: FAQs on United Nations Police (UNPol) in Timor-Leste
UNMIT: UN Envoy Urges Early Approval Of Timor Leste Election Legislation

Dr Jose Ramos-Horta, Prime Minister of East Timor speaks at the Inaugural Hal Wootten Lecture at the Faculty of Law (UNSW) links to webcast

Timor-Leste Ministry of Labor and Community Reinsertion website contains a wealth of information on the current displacement of Timor-Leste's population
Timor-Leste Macau Office Website

UNMIT: Statement By Finn Reske-Nielsen, Acting Special Representative Of The UN Secretary-General For Timor-Leste
EC supports stabilisation of Timor-Leste

SBS Dateline: East Timor's Refugees
Inside Indonesia: Facing the past (about CAVR)

USGOV: Appointment of Ambassador Grover Joseph Rees as Special Representative for Social Issues

UN: Timor-Leste: UN envoy applauds its leaders’ call to accept upcoming report on strife
UN: Top UN peacekeeping official warns of ‘overstretch’ as mission staff numbers surge
UNMIT: Transcript of from Press Conference with DSRSG Finn
UNMITL new mission for Timor Leste
UN: UN envoy in Timor-Leste stresses the need to resolve differences at the ballot box

FRETILIN headquarters attack: Party leader condemns political violence

New Zealand Police New Police team to Timor
NZGOV: Kiwi Engineers Prepare to Return Home from Timor

JSMP: Third Annual AATL Conference Held in Dili
JSMP: Progress to Date in the Cases of Rogerio Lobato and Mari Alkatiri
JSMP: Victim Support Service Mid-Year Report
JSMP: The Court of Appeal Decision in the Fretilin Congress voting Case September 2006
JSMP: Suco Chief sentenced for assault

UNHCR Country Operations Plan 2006 - Timor-Leste

USAID Awards International Center for Journalists $1.8 million for Timor-Leste Media Development

Tulun Dili project
Australia East Timor Friendship School Project Bulletin to Schools September 2006

UN: Commission of inquiry for Timor-Leste to conclude work

Security Council Report: October 2006 Timor-Leste

UNDP: International Judges Were Sworn In The Court Of Appeal
UNMIT: First Batch of Timor-Leste Police Back on Duty in Dili Under UN Mentoring Scheme
OCHA: CERF used for crises in 26 countries in first seven months
IOM: Working together to promote return and reintegration dialogue

World Food Programme Emergency Report No. 38 / 2006

UCLA International Institute: Records of East Timor, 1999

UN General Assembly speeches: Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Timor-Leste

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JSMP: Plants for the Reintegration of the PNTL in Dili
JSMP: Training in the Laws of Criminal Procedure for Timor
JSMP: Suco Chief sentenced for assault
JSMP: First Judicial Questioning of a Suspect in the Shooting of Civilians in Kolmera

UNMIT: Transcript of Press Conference with SRSG Hasegawa

October 16 - 8

E Timor election monitors appointed by UN

East Timor- Green Hat, Blue Hat
Meddling in East Timor
Letter to the Editor- Reporting East Timor

Tough Time Ahead for Reconciliation within the Police
Timor to call on more regional forces for help
Ramos Horta happy with Aust troops in E Timor
Australian PM promises E Timor 'adequate' troops
Cambodia to offer troops for East Timor
Troops fail in Timor, says rebel

Australia Police Say UN Colleagues Hamper In Hotspots

ABC interviews with JRH
JRH determined to improve economy
JRH says Dili will consider ratifying Timor Sea revenue treaty next month

East Timor Catholic bishop calls for calm before inquiry commission findings release
Maryknoll couple hears calling to work in East Timor

Giving jobs to East Timor deserters urgent - ICG

Tempo Munir Reports- Opinion- Back to Zero
Munir and Intel Reform- Analysts Say Case Underscores Need for Accountability

UNMIT Daily Media Review

13 October
12 October
11 October
10 October
07 - 09 October 


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October 8 - September 

Charges over Timor violence

Dili refugees fear going home due to new hostilities, intimidation
Inside East Timor's IDP Camps
When this nun speaks, even rival gangs listen

RMDH Submission to UN Commission of Inquiry
Fretilin headquarters torched
UN in disarray as new envoy appointment revoked

Xanana Gusmao: Appeal to the Nation
XSG- Speech to Parliament 29 Sept.

Former East Timorese refugees still face difficulties

Militia-Leader Guterres's Appeal Trial Opens

Forget the Nobel, remember Munir
U.S. Arrests Reveal Chaos of RI Arms Procurement- Analysts
Indonesia building four lighthouses on outer islands

UNOTIL Daily Media Review

6 October
5 October
4 October
3 October
30 Sept - 2 October

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