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TAKE ACTION: Tell the U.S. and Australia to Support a Unified UN Mission in Timor-Leste

Int'l Federation for East Timor Urges Fully Integrated UN Mission Calls for Australian troops to forego separate command

Statement of T-L Civil Society Supporting a UN-led security presence in Timor-Leste

Call to put all foreign troops in Timor-Leste under UN command

TAPOL, ETAN Call UN Proposals on Justice for Timor-Leste “Inadequate” Letter to UN Secretary-General on Justice

LH: Status of Forces Agreements for foreign troops and police deployed to Timor-Leste in May

LH: The Paradox of Aid in Timor-Leste

Listen to ETAN's Forum on the crisis in East Timor

LH: Suggestions for the Next United Nations Mission in Timor-Leste

ETAN: Secretary of Defense Must Not Undermine Reform, Rights on Visit to Jakarta

Bush Administration Grants Unlimited Military “Aid” to Indonesia Betrays Military’s Victims and End-Runs Congress
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I’ve long admired ETAN’s work. For well over a decade, ETAN has conducted some of the most effective grassroots campaigns I know. With limited resources, they helped free a nation and fundamentally changed policy toward one of the U.S.’s closest and most repressive allies, Indonesia.
Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now!”

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Pramoedya Ananta Toer dies (also excerpts from statements on E. Timor)
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September 30 - 23

Timor-Leste's Statement to UN General Assembly
East Timor says credible elections are key to reconciliation
East Timor shock as new UN chief changes his mind
NZ Police To Keep Peace In E. Timor For Another Year
Portugal may expand military contingent in East Timor
Election agreement signed by Prime Minister and UNDP

Speech by President Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao on the Occasion of the Fifth Legislative Session of The National Parliament (29 September 2006): English, Portuguese

E Timor police back on the beat
East Timor Considers Giving Financial Aid to Dismissed Soldiers
East Timor PM, Dismissed Soldiers Meet
I'll give up if PM goes, says Reinado

Timor Leste opens consulate in Bali
Myanmar forges diplomatic ties with Timor-Leste

U.S. charges six with shipping arms to Tamil Tigers, Indonesia
Pakistan negotiating conditions attached to F-16 deal
SBY blasted for slow pace of military reforms
A Win for Press Freedom in Indonesia

EAST TIMOR Mountain 'Camp' Offers Young People A Chance To Reflect On Peace
NYTimes Oped- Remember Timor

U.S. court lets stand Timor Sea 'RICO' case against ConocoPhillips

East Timor drama had no hidden agenda

UNMIT Daily Media Review

29 September
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September 23 - 18 

E Timor may ask Portugal for more police- Ramos Horta
Profile of ET Crisis Reflection Network

ETimor police on duty 'next week'
More than 1,700 firearms collected in ETimor
Aussie Troops To Remain In Timor-Leste, Downer

NZer to fill key UN role in Timor-Leste
Ex-President of Cape Verde becomes UN envoy to East Timor
Timor Leste Elections Must Be Free, Fair- UN (Hasegawa Interview)

Homeless family sent back to Dili

Govt 'Keeping TNI Above the Law-' Analyst
Govt Backs TNI- Civilian Court No Place for Military Personnel
Sen. Leahy on Anniv of Munir's Death

Kostrad to pull out troops from E. Timor border in Oct.
Indonesia-Timor Leste border relatively secure- mily commander

Back and forth on Martinkus article (New Matilda forum)
New Matilda: Evidence mounts against Gusmao

UNMIT Daily Media Review

22 September
21 September
20 September
19 September
18 September


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UNMIT Police Commissioner Antero Lopes  
Police Commissioner Antero Lopes at UNMIT ceremony handing-over of executive policing authority from the International Police in Timor-Leste to the United Nations Police (UNPOL). UN Photo.  

Timor-Leste Ministry of Labor and Community Reinsertion website contains a wealth of information on the current displacement of Timor-Leste's population
Timor-Leste Macau Office Website

UN: Commission of inquiry for Timor-Leste to conclude work

Security Council Report: October 2006 Timor-Leste

UNDP: International Judges Were Sworn In The Court Of Appeal
UNMIT: First Batch of Timor-Leste Police Back on Duty in Dili Under UN Mentoring Scheme
OCHA: CERF used for crises in 26 countries in first seven months
IOM: Working together to promote return and reintegration dialogue

ABC Four Corners: Stoking the Fires

World Food Programme Emergency Report No. 38 / 2006

UCLA International Institute: Records of East Timor, 1999

UN General Assembly speeches: Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Timor-Leste

JSMP: Plants for the Reintegration of the PNTL in Dili
JSMP: Training in the Laws of Criminal Procedure for Timor
JSMP: Suco Chief sentenced for assault
JSMP: First Judicial Questioning of a Suspect in the Shooting of Civilians in Kolmera

UNMIT: Transcript of Press Conference with SRSG Hasegawa

UNMIT: UN committed to take more steps to strengthen the national justice system
UNMIT: Cooperation between UNPOL and Timorese Community Aids in Second Arrest for IDP Camp Shooting
UNMIT: SRSG Hasegawa calls for National Campaign for Disarmament
UNMIT: SRSG Hasegawa: “Let us move forward, jointly, in developing this country”

Dart Center: The joys and sorrow of reporting in the border region of Indonesia and Timor Leste

USGOV: Int'l Religious Freedom Report 2006 - E Timor; Indonesia

AUSGOV: Battle Group Faithful Returns from Timor-Leste

Caritas Aotearoa: Archbishop Adrian Doyle says mass to 10,000 IDPs

UNMIT: Malaysian, Australian and Portuguese Police Contingents Officially Join UNMIT Police
AUSGOV: Hunt for Fugitives in East Timor

WFP: Emergency Report n. 37 15 September 2006
USAID: Local Clinic Reaches Out to Improve the Lives of Displaced People

UNHCHR: UN Independent Special Commission Of Inquiry For Timor-Leste Nearing The Completion Of Its Report

UNMIT: SRSG Hasegawa: “People in districts need expanded communication networks ”
UNMIT: UNMIT Announces Appointment of Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Timor-Leste

World Bank Independent Evaluation Group: Engaging with Fragile States
World Bank Independent Evaluation Group: Timor-Leste: Community And Local Governance Project (Project ID P069762), Second Community Empowerment Project (Project ID P072356), Third Community Empowerment And Local Governance Project (Project ID P075342), Agricultural Rehabilitation Project (Project ID P070533), and Second Agricultural Rehabilitation Project (Project ID P073911)

ANZ (Bank) Pacific Quarterly, August 2006
World Bank: Worldwide Governance Indicators Country Snapshot
World Bank: Doing Business - Timor-Leste page

UN Map: Districts of Timor Leste

IRIN: Justice for a Lawless World? Rights and reconciliation in a new era of international law

Security Council Report: Twenty Days in August: The Security Council Sets Massive New Challenges for UN Peacekeeping"

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Center for Public Integrity: Jakarta's Intelligence Service Hires Washington Lobbyists. Former Indonesian president's foundation served as conduit for push to overturn ban on military cooperation
paras indonesia: Dark Side Of Wahid Charity Exposed

HRW: No Justice Two Years After Munir's Death
paras indonesia: Garuda Lawsuit & Cowardice Claims Over Munir's Murder

HRW: Indonesia: Stop Abusive Forced Evictions of Urban Poor in Jakarta
paras indonesia: Defense Ministry Admits No Tender For $28 Million Panzers

OCHA: Timor-Leste: Population Displacement OCHA Situation Report No. 16

Government of New Zealand: Adapting to change in Timor-Leste

Joint Press Conference with East Timorese Prime Minister José Ramos Horta, Dili, East Timor
AusGOV: Doorstop interview - Airport, Dili, East Timor.
AusGOV: Australia-Indonesia-East Timor Trilateral Ministerial Meeting

SBS Dateline: East Timor - Downfall of a Prime Minister

Alola Foundation Update - August 2006

UNMIT Announces Appointment of Acting UN Police Commissioner
UNMIT: UN Police and International Security Forces to Take Responsibility for Apprehending Prison Escapees UNMIT: UN Police “Operation Blue Breeze” Kicks Off New UN Mission in Timor-Leste

UNNHCR: As violence escalates in Dili, UNHCR hands over relief items for rebuilding

Richard Curtain: Crisis in Timor Leste: Looking Beyond the Surface Reality for Causes and Solutions

NZGOV: NZDF Troops to Return from Timor
New Zealand to Downsize Military Commitment to Timor-Leste

USNS Mercy Arrives in Dili

Davao-based regional solidarity organization spearheads 4-day solidarity and democracy mission to Timor-Leste

Status of Forces Agreements for foreign troops and police deployed to Timor-Leste in May, plus 2002 agreements with the United Nations and the United States on the status of their forces in Timor-Leste.


September 15 - 10

UN Takes Over Policing in East Timor
East Timor's prime minister says he'd happily resign if nation asks him to
Meeting with fugitive Reinado; prison fugitives; refugees
Police give up on East Timor's rebel major
Gusmao 'paid Reinado's bill'

Gusmao Ordered Dili's Days of Rage- Former Police Official
FRETILIN demands urgent security measures
Archbishop Adrian Doyle says mass to 10,000 IDPs

37 E Timorese refugees depart for Dili

Community fears for E Timorese group being sent home

World Bank Lists Failing Nations That Can Breed Global Terrorism
Few Graduate From U.N. Programme for the Poorest

Indonesia to withdraw non-organic troops from E. Timor borders
Peace Prize For Death Penalty Executioner?

East Timor boosting efforts to Increase Tourist Numbers

English translation of Court of Appeal's decision on the legitimacy and legality of Fretilin's 2nd Congress
Photographing hope

UNMIT Daily Media Review 

15 September
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13 September
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September 9 - 3

Youths attack Dili refugee camp, teargas fired
Normality far off for East Timor
East Timorese children back in school after May violence

I'm willing to shoot Australian troops, Timor rebel leader Reinado warns
East Timor- The President's Man
'Death threats' forced Reinado to flee

Australian government criticized for sending 42 East Timorese home

Tri-lateral Timor crisis talks open in Dili
PM JRH praises predecessor's role in fixing oil deal with Australia
Indonesia steps up security at Timor border

Australian PM announces more troops for E Timor
Malaysia Dissolves Pkeeping Force for E Timor
East Timor Violence Easing, International Police Still Needed - PM
Downer says troops must remain in East Timor
Venom threatens separate mission

Timor Updates- Horta Wants Peacekeepers to Stay
Timor diggers 'lack local knowledge' -Kirsty Sword Gusmao
Opposition wants audit of forces' training in E Timor

Catholic Church, NGOs discuss draft election proposals for East Timor

Indonesian intel said to have used foundation to lobby US Congress
Govt Says TNI Trials Need Time
Hassan hails international support for RI-Timor Leste commission

Thousands send off Australian union chief

UNMIT Daily Media Review 

8 September
7 September
6 September
5 September
2-4 Sept 


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September 2 - August 26

Fragile peace may shatter if fugitive rebels join forces
ABC AM - Two Dili jail escapees captured overnight
East Timor PM says jailbreak was preventable
East Timor jailbreak result of failed judicial system, say Catholic Church leaders
Escaped E Timor rebel chief says not planning revolt
Officer at centre of Timor violence in mass jailbreak

Timor youths go on rampage again
After threats, UN envoy asks for police posts at displaced camps

Kiwis sent `unprepared', East Timor force lacks riot gear
Improved security in Timor sees NZ withdraw platoon
E.Timor must beef up police presence in Dili--PM

UN acts at last on sex crimes in Timor
Former East Timorese leader says foreigners plotted coup against him

Australia holds up UN mission
Malaysian peacekeeping force withdraws from East Timor

Crikey Comment: Australia in Timor
Indonesian Rights activists want Truth & Friendship Commission disbanded

East Timor's Last Hero Faces a Daunting Task
Aussie 'undressing' of police "unacceptable", says minister

Dozens Wounded in East Timor Clashes

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